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This is the front cover of my contemporary thriller fiction book.

"Epic Thriller"

    "A real page-turner"

What if you woke up one morning and everything you had was gone?

David Wellington’s life is fabulous. He has it all: a beautiful home, prestige, power, and friends. His dream job as a high-powered exec at an investment company has allowed him to build a comfortable lifestyle for himself and his family.


Then, one day, it all changed.

After working diligently at the company for 20 years, David is called into his boss’s office. He is sure he will be getting a big promotion, but instead, he hears the shocking words… YOU’RE FIRED!

As time goes on, he is forced to fight for his life, and a shocking betrayal and dark secrets cause him to spiral dangerously out of control. 

How will he find the will to fight when everything he loves is gone?

Who can he trust?

Dive into this captivating fiction thriller book full of conflict, revenge, love, and redemption as it takes you on a roller coaster ride of surprising twists and turns that will have you on the edge-of-your-seat.


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Debbie Stokes was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Her family, faith, and writing are extremely important to her. She always shares with people how her story ideas come to her in her dreams and how she often jumps up to write them down.

For most of her life, Debbie has had a burning desire to be a published author of a fiction novel but fear stood in the way. Finally, she pushed past her fear and allowed her vision to come to past. She is now a published author, and The Stranger He Knew is her first book.

Debbie was a women's empowerment blogger on her previous website, 3 Women Voices, where she shared empowering stories of how people overcame odds to live their best lives. In addition, she has been a contributing writer for FEMI Magazine, a cultural lifestyle magazine where she interviewed and shared people’s lifestyle stories.


When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, singing, and dancing.



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